Nearly $100,000 Stolen From Former NBA Player Vince Carter’s Home While Wife and Kids Hid in Closet


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Former NBA star Vince Carter had his home burglarized and robbed of nearly $100,000 while his frightened wife and kids hid inside a closet. Police responded to a burglary call in northwest Atlanta just before midnight Sunday, WSB-TV reports. Carter’s wife, Sondi, was home lying in bed with her sons when she heard someone rummaging through their belongings in different rooms. The frantic mother grabbed her boys and hid inside a closet while calling 911. When cops arrived, they saw a masked man wearing all-black clothing fleeing the scene. Police said the masked suspect made it to a nearby SUV and got away. Authorities located a large amount of $100 bills spilled on the ground,” along with a gold Desert Eagle pistol and a black Glock 26 pistol with an extended magazine, the police report said. The firearms and cash were scattered around the ground outside the 10,000-square-foot (900-square meter) home in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood. Cops believe one gun was stolen from the home while the other belonged to the suspect. Carter says nearly $100,000 was stolen from the home. Police located around $16,000 outside the home. The former pro athlete told police the cash came from a bag...