Nekhet ankh, the life force: Kemetic Sciences Studies – an enlightenment

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“You possess your blood, Aset, you possess your power, Aset, you possess your magic, Aset. The amulet [tiet] is a protection for this Great One, which will drive off anyone who would perform a criminal act against her/him.” – from& peret m herew& (Utterances for Coming Forth by Day, “Book of the Dead,” Spell 156) by Shai Alkebu-Lan, Founder, Director and International Spokesperson for the House of the Lions of Judah Ecumenical Rastafari Service Soledad, Calif.& – On Oct. 26, 2019, the House of the Lions of Judah Ecumenical Rastafari Service established a Kemetic Science Studies into its religious service. The first community group met on Nov. 9, 2019.& The following are those Rastas that attended: Brother Arias aka Ras Scoogie, Ras E-Bo, Ras Dusty, Ras Amon, Ras True Divine, Ras Hurtado and Shai. We were truly lucky and fortunate to have an exclusive interview with Brother Jason “Ras Conscious” Hurtado, yet all the group members made solid contributions. However, the following is truly enlightening – Shai Alkebu-Lan: What is Kemetic Science? Ras Conscious: Kemetic Science is the biological thesaurus built into modern physical science. It’s a treasury of science that deals with the origin, history, physical characteristics, life processes,...