New Report: Black Washingtonians ID Community Solutions to Inequities

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SEATTLE — The Black Future Co-op Fund, Washington state’s first Black-led cooperative philanthropy, has released a monumental report, Black Well-being: Moving Toward Solutions Together. It aims to inform policy change, support collective organizing and direct resources into building Black generational wealth, health and well-being statewide.“This Black Well-being report is a tool for advocacy and policy change and for building power,” said Andrea Caupain Sanderson, co-architect of the Black Future Co-op Fund. “It is time we implement our own community solutions to manifest Black well-being statewide. The current systems are failing us—they were designed that way.” The report elevates community identified approaches to tackle structural barriers prohibiting Black well-being and that will result in the world Black people envision. It starts with an overview of who makes up the state’s diverse Black population, followed by perceptions of progress, priorities and key metrics that have moved since a 2015 report by Byrd Barr Place, Creating an Equitable Future in Washington State: Black Well-being & Beyond. The rest of the report covers civic engagement, education, economic mobility, public safety and health, outlining contextual factors and community approaches.