NFL grant awarded to Concord expansion of NY-based nonprofit

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Wall Street Bound, a nonprofit based in New York City, and now expanded to Concord, Calif., provides young adults from communities of color with the skills and experience to be successful in financial services careers. Thanks to funding from the NFL, it’s looking like we can get some of our Bay Area youth started on those great careers! – Photo: Troy Prince by Daphne Young For the first time, the National Football League is kicking off a collective social justice campaign during weeks 17 and 18 at NFL games. And I bet Colin Kaepernick is chuckling. Last week, the NFL announced their plans to begin airing videos during games, along with PSAs and end zone stencils with social justice messaging aimed at amplifying the work being done towards social justice by NFL players, clubs, leagues and social justice partners. This new NFL campaign is meant to help break down barriers to opportunities and end systemic racism. “It’s one thing to talk about change and impact. But I’m one of those people who want to do something about it,” says Kelvin Beachum, Players Coalition Task Force member, Social Justice Working Group member and Arizona Cardinals offensive lineman.& “The Players Coalition and...