NFL quarterbacks dropping like flies: Bengals lose Burrow for the season

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By Conrad Clowers Herald Sports Writer There’s been a fear going around the NFL for good reason. Quarterbacks are being hurt at an alarming rate. Not just for a game or two, but for the entire season. Here’s a list of teams that are in the process of playing the rest of the season without their QB: Cleveland, New York (Jets), Indianapolis and Minnesota. I remember watching the opening Monday night football game with the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. The Jets just knew it was their year. Already with one of the league’s best defenses, all they needed was a QB that could get them over the top. They signed a sure fire future hall of famer in Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers didn’t last five plays into the season, when he was taken out with a torn achilles. You could see the look on Jets fans faces. The blank and stoic look that’s displayed when a tragedy happens. It seemed like week-by-week quarterbacks were going down like planes over the Bermuda Triangle. I remember thinking the Bengals have been lucky the past two seasons without any major injures. It’s the central reason the team has made it to...