NFL Uses Test That Assumes Black Men Start With Lower Cognitive Skills To Make it Harden For Them to Get Concussion Settlements

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When the NFL put “End Racism” in the End Zones, maybe they didn’t actually know what racism meant. It seems like they are adding to it, not trying to end it.This is INSANE.Under the settlement, however, the NFL has insisted on using a scoring algorithm on the dementia testing that assumes Black men start with lower cognitive skills. They must therefore score much lower than whites to show enough mental decline to win an award. The practice, which went unnoticed until 2018, has made it harder for Black former players to get awards.“My reaction was, ‘Well, here we go again,’” said Jenkins, a former running back. “It’s the same old nonsense for Black folks, to have to deal with some insidious, convoluted deals that are being made.” Jenkins is now an insurance executive and is not experiencing any cognitive problems, but has plenty of NFL friends who are less fortunate.