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Nick Cannon pays millions in child support to the mothers of his children. California family law attorney Goldie Schon recently gave her expert opinion on how much the entertainer financially contributes to his children’s upbringing. View this post on Instagram A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon) Cannon is considered a high-income earner, which allows the state of California to deviate away from its typical guidelines when determining child support. “If he is taking home somewhere upward of $5 million a year, you have to look at what it would take to have the children kept in the lifestyle of both parents,” Schon shared with the press. “The lifestyle has to be the same with mom as it is with dad,” the attorney shared. In all, Schon and The Sun estimated that Nick pays about $3 million per year in child support. “I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually,” Nick shared with the press after getting wins of The Sun’s story. “I don’t plan to ever have to participate in the governmental system of child,” the entertainer, who follows the Sikh way of life, clarified. It was a few days ago that Nick Cannon...