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Season two of Nickelodeon’s Young Dylan by Tyler Perry, starring Dylan Gilmer premieres this weekend. The season kicks off with a blast from Dylan’s past. Young Dylan has been making strides in the music industry with the help of his uncle Myles (Carl Anthony Payne II), aunt Yasmine (Mieko Hillman, and grandmother Viola (Aloma Lesley Wright). Dylan’s cousins, Rebecca (Celina Smith) and Charlie (Hero Hunter), have also come along for the adventure along with Rebecca’s best friend, Bethany (Jet Miller). It seems as if Dylan is well on his way to success when his mom decides to return and take him back to Chicago. The first episode of Season 2 revolves around the youngster’s preparations to go back to The Windy City. Dylan is ready to follow his mom’s plans when, suddenly, things change. The adjustments ultimately cause the rising rapper to reconsider his relationship with his mom. How will Dylan’s support system help him through the new crisis? Dylan Gilmer recently discussed his leading role in Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan during an interview with Smart Entertainment Group. “It’s so great because it all started off with one video and me going on ELLEN, and Ellen introducing me to Tyler...