No Blacks on jury of ex-cop who killed Atatiana Jefferson

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A jury of eight men and six women has been selected for the trial of former Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean, who is charged with murder in the 2019 shooting death of Atatiana Jefferson. No Black jurors were selected for the case, which in 2019 sparked protests from the Black community over the killing of Jefferson, a Black woman. A majority of the selected are white; several jurors are people of color, though none are Black. Opening statements began Dec. 5. The 200 potential jurors were randomly numbered. After dozens of potential jurors were excused either because they had conflicts at home or work or because they told the court they were biased or the judge deemed them to be biased based on their answers, the potential jury pool was “shuffled,” meaning they were given new random numbers. Sources with knowledge of the jury selection process said the jury was ultimately picked from the first 46 potential jurors. Among that group, there was a Black female who was excused from jury service because her spouse was having surgery. The judge gave both sides the opportunity to challenge the jury members that were picked, and neither side had any objections. Aaron...