North Carolina prisoners plan grievance submission to US DOJ on May 7, invite others to join them

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“If I Ruled the World (Imagine that!)” by Nas and Lauryn Hill 

by Keith ‘Malik’ Washington, Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee (IWOC)

“Dear U.S. Attorney General: For over 100 years, citizens born and naturalized in the U.S. who have been convicted of crime have endured the inhumane indignity of being stripped of our citizenship and right to vote through felony disenfranchisement by way of the United States Constitution’s 13th Amendment. Additionally, citizens who have been arrested or continue to be housed in jails and prisons nationally in all 50 sovereign states have been subjected to the conspiratorial practice of police and/or prison officials who violate our First Amendment right to free speech as well as political association through on-going censorship practices that limit what we can read or write and to whom.” – Excerpt of grievance crafted by North Carolina Department of Correction prisoners Randy Watterson and Joseph “Shine White” Stewart

Randy Watterson and Joseph “Shine White” Stewart are two imprisoned freedom fighters and jailhouse lawyers who reside in prisons operated...