NYC's Black-Owned Barbershops Push for Covid-19 Research

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(Photos: Kerri Allen) Rise Above COVID is partenering with over 200 barbershops, in places like New York City, to raise awareness of ACTIV-2, a nationwide clinical trial to evaluate potential treatments for early COVID-19. The study is enrolling adults within eight days of experiencing symptoms and 10 days of their positive COVID-19 test result. ACTIV-2 is working to enroll people of color to ensure that the nation’s diverse population is represented in the trial. The U.S. Black population has experienced 10 percent more COVID-19 cases, nearly 300 percent more hospitalizations, and 90 percent more deaths (CDC, March 2021) than non-Hispanic whites. Historically, the Black community has had the lowest clinical trial participation rates of any racial group and only 8 percent participation in clinical trials of drugs that were approved last year (FDA, 2020). “Historical events like Tuskegee have understandably left many feeling that clinical trials shouldn’t be trusted,” said Lance Okeke, M.D., M.P.H. Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases and ACTIV-2 Principal Investigator, Duke University. “However, the National Research Act was signed into law in 1974 to ensure the highest ethical standards and conduct are met during clinical research. From my view on the frontlines...