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FEBRUARY 17, 1931 – NOVEMBER 25, 2022 IN THE CARE OF Singing Hills Funeral Home Eddie Brice Cunningham was born in Buffalo, Texas. The first born of Hattie and Tessie Cunningham. He enlisted in the United States Army during the Korean War, where he had an opportunity to see the world. After serving his country he returned home and soon left to attend Howard University where upon graduation had decided that he wanted to practice law. He entered the Howard University School of Law where he developed a tenacity for the pursuit of justice and fairness for all people. He returned to Fort Worth, Texas and shortly thereafter moved to Dallas to practice law. As a bright, promising attorney looking for an opportunity to help those most in need he joined W.J. Durham in the pursuit of fairness and legal rights working with the NAACP. This was the beginning of a long and well documented legal career. He took part in several civil-rights cases involving school integration, voting rights, and prisoner rights. His legal career brought a number of victories, disappointments and moments of anger in the struggle for civil- rights in the Dallas area. He would say that every...