Ode to George Floyd, a poverty skola in amerikkklan

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by BA 14 Views

“In the end, George Floyd is a poverty skola, just like Luis Demetrio Gongora Pat and Steven Taylor [murdered by police in the Bay Area]. Their struggles and ongoing profiling and harassment were linked with not only deep, sickkk Amerikkklan racism and wite supremacy, but in the ways poverty is seen and not seen in this stolen land.” Wit a message for abolitionists everywhere by Tiny Gray-Garcia There are so many moments in that murderous day& Has this poverty skola mama feeling all types of ways Which must be spoken –& Not silenced for the simple kkkort and CorpRape media take-away The corner sto – The Blood-stained 20 dollar The worker poverty skola behind the counter& Just covering it cuz that’s how we skolaz take care of each other& And the unspoken recognition that George Floyd& Like so many of us poLice terror victims& Was a poverty skola& The call to the kkkillers – the poLice The lice on the Po Who arrive with guns – Cuz thats what krapitalism demands& So blood-stained dollar can CONtinue to flow From human to human –& Without hesitancy& Without thinking& Without questioning& So life itself has a price –& Locked in wit so...