Ohio Kidnapper & Rapist Tried To Escape Police: Bounced Off Sixth-Floor Window

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A Black man tried to pull an Omar Little stunt jumping from a building which didn’t work in his favor. Sins will catch up with sick people and as for an Ohio man, he was known to be a kidnapper.“Police in Blue Ash, Ohio responded to a call about a kidnapping suspect at a local hotel on November 21. Police say the hotel attendant “was discreetly able to ask the female if she was OK, and the female used body language to indicate that something was wrong. Once police arrived, the conversation between them and the suspect was captured on bodycam footage. Police questioned the suspect, Onjre George, and they also searched him,” per VladTV.George tried to jump out the sixth-story building through a window and it backfired on him.He accepted his fate and was arrested on the basis of kidnapping, assault and rape.