Old Interview From Horace Grant Unearth of Him Calling Scottie Pippen Sensitive and Cocky and Taking Shots at Phil Jackson & Michael Jordan (Video)

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Horace Grant is very upset over The Last Dance. Michael Jordan called him a snitch and the main source of the non-Jordan friendly book “The Jordan Rules”. Grant has denied this and challenged Michael Jordan to a fist fight. Someone found an old 1993 interview from Horace where he is indeed spilling his guts to the media, but it should be noted he is doing it on record and not behind the scenes. “To be honest, Scottie has become arrogant and cocky, but that’s to be expected of people who can’t handle fame and fortune,” the quote reads. Grant was apparently upset after he perceived Jordan and Pippen’s treatment following their Dream Team Summer in Barcelona to be preferential but he eventually came around.” That same issue of Inside Sports contained a quote from Grant about Phil Jackson. “Phil Jackson thinks he can take advantage of me,” it read. Flip the pages for all the interviews Horace Grant has done since The Last Dance.