One of the events that will be entertaining Ugandans come the 11th of June 2022 at Kati Kati Restaurant is The Back Yard Rave

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The events looks at having a fun filled chill setting that will see revelers having an experience that’s chilly and funky. There will be massive performances from artists like Fille, Rick Miles and Jowy Landa alongside deejays like Nimrod, Slaughter Elly and any others. There is also believed to be a surprise big artist from one of the coutries in the region. The first edition of the event looks at attracting the cooperate world alongside anyone that loves an incredibly colorful display that is reminiscent of an authentic rave event. It’s another classic event meant for people that love hanging out from the outside with their mats, hats and pillows around. There will also be lots of dancing, fashion run ways, networking, deejay battles and fire dancers alongside mouthwatering eats and drinks. Speaking to media, Joan Lubega manager, sponsorships and events at silk events says with all the sponsors on board, the back yard rave party is going to feature the best of the best in the Uganda entertainment industry. She also adds that however much there are almost no cases of Covid 19 in Uganda of late, there will be maintained of sops as well as tight security to...