Op-Ed: Why is everyone on social media so mad?

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By Just Johnda, Covering all things Pop Culture The streets are talking, and they are angry. This is a time when the culture should be rejoicing – Rihanna is headlining the Super Bowl, Beyonce’s allegedly scoping out stadiums, Michelle Obama is back on tour, Viola Davis is still the Woman King, Wakanda is Forever, and I got to meet the iconic Jennifer Lewis. Yes, I had an entire fan-girl moment meeting the Mother of Hollywood. Yet, when you go on the social media streets folks are just MAD. I get it if you are Nia Long or Behati Prinsloo. Given the public humiliation they have endured from their respective partners recently, no one would blame them for wanting to knock Ime Udoka and& Adam& Levine to the moon. I will remember Levine’s text to his paramour with a heads up about giving he and Behati’s new baby her name far longer than any Maroon 5 song. On a serious note, if you live in Mississippi, you should be mad too. As if some areas not having water isn’t bad enough, it seems like every week we find out about more of the state’s welfare funds being funneled to Brett Favre’s...