OPINION SPOT: Why Musicians need to register with the local CMO


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By David Tayebwa.For the start, I would like to explain what a CMO means and why you should be part as a musician. From my experience in working and engaging with a number of musicians as a Music Industry Consultant, leader of Africa’s A&R and music Licensing firm (Opus Music Publishing Group) and as a music Copyright Expert & tutor, I found out that there are a few people that know about CMOs and what they contribute to the music industry.In musical terms, CMO stands for Collections Managent Organization and in Africa, I can pick examples such as MCSK (Kenya), SAMRO and CAPASSO (South Africa), COSOTA (Tanzania), COSON (Nigeria) and in Uganda where we have Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS). I know that this name sounds familiar especially with the negative publicity that has been echoed through the media and rants about it’s Administration, however that will be another topic for the next time. My focus is to inform you the musician who needs to understand the niche that comes with registering to these organizations that can catapult your career to a higher level by using the knowledge and structures already put in place.Back to the point, CMOs are bodies...