PA Green Party Endorses Shut Down Of Berks County Detention Center


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(Photos: Twitter)Meeting virtually on November 14, elected delegates to the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, unanimously endorsed the Shut Down Berks Coalition. The coalition is a group of organizations and individuals demanding the closure of the Berks County Family Detention Center (BCRC) in PA and an end to the practice of imprisoning immigrant families in the U.S.The endorsement was requested by Jay Walker (Allegheny County), a member of the GPPA Steering Committee.Henry Conoly (Montgomery County), who is seeking GPPA endorsement for U.S. Congress District 1, said, “The inhumane and destructive detention and separation of children from their families must be stopped. These detention centers are known for their horrid conditions which leave children and families at risk of contracting disease, suffering from malnourishment, and potentially loss of life. We must close these facilities, and begin to bring these families back together while giving them access to our country.”“Detention is not a deterrent, and we have seen countless studies and statistics to that effect,” explained Secretary Jes Potts of the Green Party of Berks County.