Online Community Rules

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Newstoter is dedicated to fostering great content and conversation for our members and users. The online community is a black first platform,over religion, nationality, gender, or politics. We are black managed and owned with Black people as the focus of this growing channel. The community will allow users to post comments, rate and review posts and create relationships with members. The censorship of Black people that takes place on social media networks will not take place here. Members can expect to be able to voice their opinions without being banned. The content on this platform comes from our content partners, with the vast majority being Black-Owned newspapers, and blogs. The discussions in the community will be of an unapologetic nature. To better serve members we will have a mixture of politics, news, sports, entertainment, education, music, social justice, lifestyle, and race relations as conversation starters. The age of users on this channel will vary and members should only participate in posts and discussions they feel comfortable in. The community discussions will take place in the Top Forum Section under the sub-category Forum Talk. Each day we will put out 5-7 posts a day on various topics to stimulate conversation and also participate in the dialogue. Members will not threaten, or bully users, or they can and will be banned for such behavior. We are not babysitters who micro-manage. Members can get into disagreements that's fine, but let's not go overboard with threatening someone's life, that will not be tolerated. The link to the community is