Panthers Christian McCaffrey’s Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Wasn’t Allowed on American Airlines Flight to Cabo Because She Looked Too Sexy in Her Crop Top

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Olivia Culpo’s boyfriend Christian McCaffrey had to endure the cold throughout his flight after giving his hoodie to her so that the airline won’t kick her ass out of the plane for dressing inappropriately. Olivia Culpo was showing too much skin so the airline told her to cover up and that’s when Christian had to give her his hoodie to do the cover-up.TMZ:OC’s sister, Aurora, documented the whole debacle on Thursday … showing Olivia in an all-black outfit with biker shorts, a crop top and a long cardigan. Aurora says OC was called up to the front desk at their gate before boarding … and one of the American Airlines workers told her she needed a blouse in order to get on the flight.What’s interesting — the Culpo sisters point out another passenger who was also wearing a crop top, yet that lady wasn’t told to cover up.