Pastor Leon Scoggins: God wants us to focus on being the church more than going to church

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Pastor Leon Scoggins leads the service.

by Pastor Leon Scoggins

I heard someone say, “In times of crisis, true leaders are revealed.” During this COVID-19 pandemic, that statement couldn’t be more true. As a lead pastor of a church – Life City Church in Stockton – my faith has been stretched like never before.

When I first got wind of the possibility of our church shutting down due to the current pandemic, I was completely against it. Being the youngest pastor in my city, and possibly in all of Northern California, it gave me pride in taking a stand for the church to stay open.

My heart was that no matter what, the church should be open. In my five years of pastoring, I have never missed a Sunday. The church is supposed to be the place where people who are sick can come and be healed. It is the place where we gather to exercise our faith no matter what the world is saying.

And although those things are true and accurate, it was accompanied by ignorance on my part. I was ignorant to how COVID-19 was spreading and the affects it had on our community. I was ignorant to how the people I pastor can contract the virus at a highe...