People incarcerated in non-air-conditioned prisons are suffering amid the nation-wide heat wave

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“If it is 100 degrees for those of you on the outside, the temperature is always several degrees higher for those of us confined in prisons not equipped with AC.” Temperatures in Virginia counties and cities this past June reached high temperatures. Many Virginia prisons have AC available for staff and none for people caged inside cramped rooms with no air circulation. – Photo: WSLS 10 News Close three Virginia prisons with deadly heat conditions! by Uhuru B. Rowe Have you ever opened the door to a hot oven and felt dizzy and overwhelmed from the intensity of the heat hitting you in the face? That is how it feels for people incarcerated at Augusta, Nottoway and Buckingham Correctional Centers in Virginia every summer, but especially during the current heat wave sweeping the country. But get this: Prison staff at these facilities do not experience excessive heat conditions because the areas in which they work and frequent – the control booths, school areas, medical department, education department, administration offices etc. – are all equipped with air conditioning (AC). While the U$ and other parts of the world, like Western Europe, are experiencing unprecedented deadly heat waves, people trapped in prisons,...