Period poverty: Health crisis for Black women, girls

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The menstrual cycle is a natural biological function that prepares the body for the possibility of pregnancy. But in many parts of the world including here in the United States, young girls are faced with a public health issue that impacts their feminine health, and that is period poverty. Young women who live in lower-income communities, underdeveloped countries or are homeless often struggle with& a lack of resources during their menstrual cycles. According to the 2022 Journal of Global Health Reports, out of 16.9 million& women or girls& who menstruate in the U.S, two-thirds of them could not afford menstrual products, with half needing to choose between food or products. This ultimately causes physical and emotional challenges. And if you delve deeper into states such as Texas, 1 in 16 women and girls between the ages of 12-44 live below the federal poverty line. In a country full of access and resources, how can a crisis like this& occur? What is period poverty? Poverty by definition is a state where an individual lacks access to basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. It’s more than just having no money and it can be measured across health care, education,and standards...