Pervis Payne Is Now Officially Off Death Row


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(Photo: Innocence Project)Pervis Payne, a Black man with an intellectual disability, has been on death row in Tennessee for 33 years for a crime he’s always said he did not commit. For more than three decades, Pervis and his family have lived with the constant threat of an execution hanging over their heads.But Tuesday, the Shelby County Criminal Court formally set aside his death sentence — and Pervis Payne is now officially off death row.“Thanksgiving for me will never be the same and I am sure I am speaking for my father as well,” said Rolanda Holman, Pervis’ sister. “This will always be a monumental week from now on because that’s how I feel today. Although he is not able to come to the table and have Thanksgiving with us, it gives me such a drive and reignites my fire even more to work toward that day when he will be able to sit at the table with our family and have a good slice of turkey … it’s amazing, so amazing.”While we’re relieved that Pervis will no longer face execution, the fight is not yet over.