Phina Mugerwa, Halima Namakula clash over Saleh Money


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By Reporter Singers Phina Mugerwa and Halima Namakula went head on at fairway hotel when Halima Namakula confronted, threatened and pushed Phina Mugerwa for spoiling a deal too good to be real. Halima Namakula accuses Phina Mugerwa of bad mouthing her over the E Concert funds she got with Balunywa to enable artistes perform and earn. Apparently, Phina Mugerwa walked upto General Saleh Salim who was facilitating the E Concert and tried to sabotage it in an attempt to win it for herself. She may not have succeeded entirely, she did not get the E Concert Deal but neither did Halima Namakula retain it. Yesterday was the first time since the rumor spread that the two met and it was a rough ground for them both. Namakuka walked upto mugerwa and pushed her hard as she poured her frustration out. A retaliating Phina denied allegations that fell on deaf ears. The pair does not see eye to eye and that could be the first over 40 female to female Artiste beef. The post Phina Mugerwa, Halima Namakula clash over Saleh Money appeared first on BigEye.UG.