Pierre Urges Protection Of The Vulnerable At State Banquet In Taiwan

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre urged protection for the vulnerable and marginalised during a speech at a state banquet in Taiwan hosted by President Tsai Ing-Wen. “Let us continue to shape societies that are not intolerant of differences but also nurture societies that protect the vulnerable and marginalised amongst us,” Pierre asserted. “People from both of our countries want to enjoy better housing, access to education, better healthcare, human rights, and freedom of choice and association. These are some of the ideals which we share as we seek in our small ways to make this world a better place,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister stated. “As we fellowship with one another, may we remember the people who have given us the opportunity to live out our purpose in this world. The people who we are called to serve, the people who we must continue to put first. We represent not only our people but the shared aspirations of our nations which transcend the differences in size and distance that may befall us,” Pierre told the event. He said it was an honour to gather in celebration of the friendship between Taiwan and Saint Lucia. The Republic of China (Taiwan) and...