Pineapple Sheet Cake with Cake Mix

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Here is another easy dessert recipe that you will fall in love with this summer. This Pineapple Sheet Cake made with cake mix is a cinch to put together and topped with easy cream cheese whipped topping.& Okay, so you know by now I am all about making delicious food on a dime that is made using easily accessible and affordable ingredients. Well, this Pineapple Sheet Cake recipe is definitely in that category. In fact, it is so easy it’s made using yellow cake mix. During the summertime, I don’t enjoy spending a lot of time on my feet or in front of the stove. Especially with me being pregnant, currently (read about Alicia’s birth story). I definitely want something fast and quick but without compromising the flavor. Since the beginning of the quarantine period, I’ve been making a lot of pantry recipes in hopes to inspire families to use what is in their home to avoid going out as much. I guess you can say this Pineapple Sheet Cake recipe is considered a pantry dessert because I had a box of cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple in my cabinet. So random, right?! Well I decided to...