Police Debunk Fake News Regarding Nurse Wilson Homicide Probe

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Saint Lucia police have debunked social media fake news regarding their investigation into Tuesday’s fatal shooting of 38-year-old nurse Keziah Wilson in Goodlands, Castries. Despite social media posts claiming otherwise, there has been no arrest so far in the case. On Wednesday, Inspector Shervon Matthieu warned about fake news and the circulation of someone’s photo. “Fake information – information without credibility on events surrounding an ongoing investigation by the police is detrimental not only to the investigation but also to the victim of the crime and families by extension,” Matthieu, who is attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), explained. He said it was also detrimental to the individual whose photograph is being circulated. “The police gladly welcomes information from members of the public,” Matthieu stated. But he said law enforcers are concerned about the circulation of information that is not credible regarding people who are either victims or perpetrators of crime. “This is also detrimental to the victim’s family and persons who are featured in the social media posts,” Matthieu declared. He asserted that people must be aware that they should not disseminate information about any individual or entity without verifying whether it is true. “We are more damaging...