Poor People’s Campaign Joins MCAP Fight Against Oil Pipeline

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By Tony Jones MEMPHIS, TN — Nationally respected activist minister Rev. Rev. Dr. William Barber II told supporters at the Memphis Community Against The Pipeline (MPAC) sequel rally Sunday, April 18th that black companies, churches and organizations that have accepted money from the proponents of the Byhalia Connection Pipeline are doing the same work as the biblical Judas and they need to publicly give the money back in support of MCAP’s fight and to do it publicly. The sequel rally was planned to urge a citizen blockade to flood the City Council with support for an ordinance to be voted on Tuesday intended to protect the Memphis Sand Aquifer, and grow opposition for future efforts. Head of the national Poor People’s Campaign, he stated, “Isiah 10 verses 1 to 3, says ‘Woe unto those that legislate evil and rob the poor of their rights and make women and children their prey.’ I’m here to say that in Memphis somebody’s trying to rob us and we’re not going to have it.” Barber said he was fresh from a similar fight in fight in Virginia and North Carolina that stopped a pipeline there. The similarities are no accident he said. “They have...