Presidential Candidate RFK Sends Open Letter To DNC: You’re Breaking Party Rules By Merging With Biden Campaign

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Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. isn’t al all happy with his party–and he told the Democratic National Committee (DNC) so recently in an open letter. In the letter published on Sept. 14, he voices his concerns about the DNC allegedly veering off course and potentially merging with President Joe Biden’s campaign for the 2024 election. RFK Jr. urged the DNC to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process in the upcoming elections as he said he feels certain party leaders might be inclined to control the narrative and manipulate the election to maintain social control. What has fueled his suspicions are potential new rules that would result in some members “hijacking the party” and enabling the censorship of political opponents within the party and even Republican candidates. My party has lost its way. Here is my open letter to the DNC, urging it to “Please, lead by example and hold the most transparent, equal, accessible, and accountable election that has ever been seen in this country.” #Kennedy24Read my letter here⬇️— Robert F. Kennedy Jr (@RobertKennedyJr) September 14, 2023 Mr. RFK said the DNC is supposed to be impartial and not favor a candidate. The Biden campaign & DNC...