Promoter Bajjo Pens Heart-warming Love Message To Soupy Alicia Boss Chic


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By BigEyeUg Team; Well, the long-awaited moment is finally here as Ugandan popular music promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo parades the woman of her dreams. For all along its been such a tussle to confirm who Bajjo’s paramour is after uncountable series of heart-breaks from Ugandan beauty queens like Zannie Brown and Naava Grey. Taking it to his social media, huge-berried promoter has poured out his heart for the luscious Bar promoter, Alicia Boss Chic. In his message, the city promoter describes Alicia as such one of a kind amongst all women he has met before. Bajjo and Alicia Boss Chic He also notes that Alicia is a calm and morally upright woman that he would never let go out of his life. Bajjo advises Alicia to stay away from all their relationship critics and rumors often set by his enemies. He further requests the public to help him make the best choice of his bestman-to-be between comedian Salvado Idringi and politician Mohamed Segirinya. “Baby vva kubantu nze bangeyeza mubiti bingi buli omu kyasanze kyayogera. Enjawulo olina nene mubakazzi benalabye mubateefu oli general. Kyenkusaba mbbe muntu wo toffa kubigambbo. Onsanyusa oli wampisa ebintu obikwata mpola. Ssegirinya ne Salvado ani anabeera...