Proof Patriots K Justin Rohrwasser Lied About His Knowledge of The 3 Percenters; His Social Media Shows He’s MAGA, Wants to Be a White Supremacist Speaker Post NFL Career, Doesn’t Believe in White Privilege and a Lot More (Tweets-IG-Vids)

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Are you surprised? The media, of course, let Rohrwasser off the hook when he said that he had no idea who the 3 Percenters were and what they stood for. His answer wasn’t logically and if any dug deeper they would see why. Rohrwasswer has a long history of being MAGA, supporting right-wing celebrities who believe in the following things. 1) White privilege doesn’t exist 2) Male privilege doesn’t exist 3) Against identity politics 4) Against transgender pronouns 5) That Nazis are a backlash to the “radical left.” Rohrwasser goes on to say that he wants to become a right-wing celebrity speaker when his NFL career is over. Does this sounds like someone who didn’t have any idea what the 3 percenters stood for?  The media loves pointing out black athlete trauma for ratings, but they won’t take the time to see that the Patriots just drafted someone who is an actual danger to society. This isn’t rumors, this is what can be found on his own social media accounts which he has made private now. There are also years of info he scrubbed before the draft, so we don’t know how worse it could actually be.  He hits all...