Q-Tip Details His Relationship With Janet Jackson and How She Cooked Eggs For Him

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Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest was in an interview with Math Hoffa when he revealed that he had a relationship with Janet Jackson. The Tribe Called Quest frontman detailed how he met Janet, first when both he and she were cast to play in Poetic Justice being approached by the late great director John Singleton who met wanted Q-Tip to play the role of ‘Lucky’ but he turned the role down and instead decided to play Janet’s boyfriend in the movie.After filming Poetic Justice, Jackson called Tip to collaborate with her on her new single, ‘Got ’til It’s Gone,’ and after that, the pair began dating. Q-Tip goes into detail about what it was like dating one of the most famous women in music at the time.“We started dating after that,” Q-Tip confirmed. “It be cool ‘n s***. She be making eggs ‘n s***, and I’ll be chilling like, ‘Yo, that’s Penny!’ to myself. I love her to death, and it’s like she’s a Jackson. That’s Black royalty.”