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Which Installs For Your Hair Is Doing The Most Damage? Have you ever wondered what type of installs for your hair is right for you? Have you ever been confused or worried over the loss of edges, balding, and even hair shedding after install? This article will explore three different types of installs for your hair so that you can make an educated decision about saving your hair health when making your next hair plans.   Quick-Weaves Quick-weaves are the less expensive and less time-consuming option to sew-ins. Only a few supplies is required to complete the install, but glue is the most important supply that makes it quick and easy. Hair bond glue is used to glue the tracks onto the hair. You can use either Human Hair or a Synthetic blend, but quick-weaves are called quick for a reason. They do not last long and pose a potential threat to your hair because of the install process.  Without using the proper bond or protective shield, the glue can seep through your hair and cause breakage underneath the cap where the tracks are glued. To prevent this breakage, you must be sure to use a protective shield such as Robert’s...