“Racially Charged” Documentary: Racial Justice Advocates Hold Screening, Discussion

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Photos: YouTube Brave New Films' documentary "Racially Charged: America's Misdemeanor Problem" explores the use of misdemeanor "crimes" in criminalizing Black Americans.Tags:& Black Star NewsBrave New Films' documentarycriminalizing Black AmericansCriminal Justice Reformhistoric conviction in murder of George Floydracial justice advocatesrethinking our misdemeanor systemwhite supremacy after the Civil Warone-year anniversary of George Floyd’s deathdecriminalizing low-level offenses improves public safetyCongressional Black CaucusRep. Karen BassKhalil Gibran MuhammadRashad RobinsonRahna Eptingdocumentary filmmaker Robert Greenwaldactivist Faylita HicksBrave New FilmsACLU executive director Anthony RomeroNFL Players Association