Rams QB Matthew Stafford Dealing With Sore Ankle, Elbow Pain, Shoulder Issues and Chronic Back Issue

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Matthew Stafford is 33 years old and has taken a beating over his career. Most men start feeling this way in our 40s, but Stafford feels the pain right now at 33 and in the latter half of the NFL season.He needs a break, but the Rams can’t afford to sit him down. That is one of the gambles of trading for an older player, the possibility of injury is higher. Who knows the type of things that Stafford will have to inject into his body to play.A back injury limited Stafford to eight appearances in 2019, but he didn’t miss a single game in 2020. That isn’t to say the 33-year-old was fully healthy, as he later revealed the problems he was dealing with while continuing to play.