Read Deshaun Watson’s Massage Accuser Open Letter to His Girlfriend Jilly Anais

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So far 22 women have filed lawsuits against NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson and one of them has written an open letter to his Influencer girlfriend Jilly Anais to dump him because such a man doesn’t deserve to have a woman in his life. Here is the full letter to Jilly Anais via the Daily Beast.Here is a portion of that letter.Dear Jilly “Boss Babe” Anais,I’ve walked in your shoes before. I loved someone for years whom I found charming, unbelievably talented (though not an NFL quarterback), sweet (at times), who I thought would fit perfectly into my life plans and be my life partner.He was into church. He quoted scripture. He prayed. I thought, if a man loves God, then I can trust this. I can trust him. Right?He forced me into a position where I had to blindly trust him..