Readers Respond to the Graffiti Lining Portland Highways

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Everybody’s an art critic. Especially if your art is covering an interstate highway sign. Last week, WW studied Portland’s seeming inability to wash off or paint over the graffiti that covers buildings, bridges and train yards all over town (“Spray Anything,” Jan. 31). Among our findings: Most of the taggers are just passing through, and washing off a highway sign removes the coating that lets it reflect headlights. Here’s what our readers had to say: Stephanie Lynn Acevedo, via Facebook: “Some of my best friends were bombers, back in the day, but murals and highway signs should be off-limits.” sultrysisyphus, via Reddit: “The pandemic fucked us up. One of the things I loved about Portland is how the street artists respected each other’s work and public amenities. Now the little shits are tagging anything and everything. “To people who don’t think graffiti isn’t a big deal, think about your car’s windshield getting tagged, or your favorite mural being painted over. A tag sign might not seem important, but thousands add up to a lot of unfair hardship on everyone.” NoPo Resident, via “But, but I thought giving my ID to buy a can of spray paint was going to...