Recalibrating American Foreign Policy And Learning The Lessons Of 9\11


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(Photos: YouTube\Twitter) America's longest war has ended basically where it started: with the Taliban back in power again. This reality must force us to think about the lessons that we should learn from our twenty year war in Afghanistan. Now, more than ever, it is necessary for the U.S. to be smart about our narrative and the appraisal of our role in the world.On the one hand, many of the poorest people on Earth live in such desperate circumstances that they often feel understandably angry that so little seems to be available to them except US military domination.On the other hand, many welcome US influence and would love to escape to live with us.Mostly, however, the post-Trump world is highly distrustful of us. He pulled us out of many peace and disarmament treaties, out of climate agreements, disrespected democracies and democratic leaders, and schmoozed with tyrants. No other US leader broke so many positive agreements and alienated so many friends.Can Biden and his crew reset the image of America? Can he and his team rise above their own militaristic histories and tendencies and learn a new way to earn the respect of the world, a respect based on admiration rather...