Report Finds De Facto Racial Segregation in Virginia’s Public Universities


by BA 48 Views

A new report by Educational Reform Now, finds that de facto racial segregation continues at state-operated colleges and universities in Virginia. The report beings by saying that “Virginia’s higher education system is one the oldest and most respected in the nation, but scratch the surface and you will find a number of four-year institutions that rank near the bottom nationally when it comes to evidencing a meaningful commitment to diversity and socioeconomic mobility.” Among the findings of the report are: At the University of Virginia, just 13 percent of undergraduates identified as Black or Hispanic; that share is 60 percent lower than the state’s population ages 18 to 24. And the University of Virginia can attract talented Black and Hispanic students from anywhere in the country. William & Mary and Christopher Newport University are located within 50 miles of several cities and counties, including Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, and Surry County, with populations that are more than 40 percent Black, yet each of their student bodies is just 7 percent Black. James Madison University recently announced it was changing the names of three buildings named after Confederate soldiers. That’s good, but less than 5 percent of students are Black at...