Representation matters for Black nurses in Indiana

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Most of us have heard these two words, “representation matters”. In many industries like education, finance, media, or even construction, representation in healthcare matters. To identify with another individual because you see yourself in them can drive positive interactions and foster a sense of comfort and trust. Nurses have dominated as the most trusted profession in the U.S. for over 20 years. Nurses represent the largest group of the healthcare workforce and are essential to the healthcare system. Although true, Black Nurses are underrepresented in healthcare from specialty care areas to leadership roles, making it difficult to affect meaningful healthcare policy changes. More specifically, Black Nurses in Indiana in 2021 were found to account for 5.1% of licensed registered nurses (RNs), meaning out of almost 82,000 licensed RNs in the state only about 4,100 identified as Black or African-American. Furthermore, when looking at those Black nurses who hold master’s degrees as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) only 2.9% are represented. This equates to a mere 94 Black APRNs out of about 3200 APRNs that practice in the state of Indiana. APRNs differ from RNs as their scope of practice allows for them to diagnose, treat, and prescribe if they...