Residents march in frustration awaiting HAWS update on Crystal Towers’ renovations

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Earlier this week the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem (HAWS) gave an update on the renovations at Crystal Towers. According to residents, not much has been done to improve the living conditions inside the aging 11-story highrise.  Before heading to the HAWS Board of Commissioners meeting at the HAWS headquarters at 500 W. 4th St. on Tuesday, Sep. 12,  more than two dozen residents gathered at the corner of 4th and Spruce Streets to let their frustrations be known.  Longtime Crystal Towers resident, Samuel Grier, said the work to fix the elevators and make other repairs to the building has been slow. For years residents at Crystal Tours, a housing unit for seniors and individuals with disabilities, have complained about the elevators not working, bed bugs and other pests, the lack of security, and several other issues.  “It’s been really slow … they’re taking their time,” Grier said.  When giving an update on Crystal Towers during the meeting, Kevin Cheshire, executive director and general counsel for HAWS, said they are handling the repairs in three phases. Phase One includes the complete replacement of both elevators. According to Cheshire, the contract for this project has been awarded to KONE Elevators & Escalators,...