Rugby Player Michael Lichaa Finds His Fiancee Kara Childerhouse Giving His Best Friend & Teammate Adam Elliott Oral Relations in His Backyard

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We have to be honest here. I would have to imagine one of the first thoughts that most men would have if this situation happened to them would be to kill everyone. You would likely go temporarily insane if you walked in on your fiancee, girlfriend, or wife giving oral relations to your best friend.I am shocked they arrested Michael Lichaa.The worst thing he did in this situation was almost killing himself accidentally. Thankfully, after the court system ran its course, they cut him some slack.An Australian rugby star nearly died after losing 2.5 liters of blood when he slashed himself while punching a window after catching his fiancee performing a sex act on his teammate, a court has heard.Michael Lichaa, who played for the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, was acquitted on Friday of domestic violence charges after his former fiancee Kara Childerhouse declined to testify against him.But Lichaa, 29, also detailed how the ugly incident forced him to change his life for the better. After waking up to find Childerhouse in his backyard performing a sexual act on his former Bulldogs teammate Adam Elliott, he flew into a rage, the court was told.