Sabrina Elba Says Working With Famous Husband Posed ‘Big Learning Curve’

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Sabrina Elba said working beside her famous bae posed a “big learning curve.” On day one of Beautycon LA, Elba got candid about her experience working with her husband, Idris, on their S’ABLE Labs skincare line. “It’s not a perfect tie-in, but we’ve definitely developed ways of working together,” she told People. The 35-year-old entrepreneur presented a clean spread for the S’ABLE brand and appeared on a panel during the event. & View this post on Instagram & A post shared by Courtney K Randolph (@courtneykrandolph) “We started a podcast to kind of see how other people were doing it, and we learned so much,” she revealed. “I think it’s having correct boundaries and understanding that, like, you know, finding work is not the same as finding a date night. There are appropriate avenues—work hours, for instance, that’s been a big learning curve for me.” The Elbas’ skincare collection is an extension of their wellness brand, launched in 2021. Elba said she “can’t imagine doing it with anyone else.” The genderless skincare collection stemmed from a conversation between the couple who realized a disconnect in their community concerning well-being and self-care. “Self-care is such an important thing in partnerships and...