Savannah State University to Offer a New Degree Program in Data Analytics


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Savannah State University, the historically Black educational institution in Georgia, has announced that it will offer a new, high-demand degree in data analytics beginning this fall. The data analytics degree program is a joint effort between three of the university’s colleges: the College of Business Administration, the College of Sciences and Technology, and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and draws on critical competencies from each area of study.The bachelor’s degree in data analytics will expose students to techniques for turning raw data into usable information by extracting actionable insights from big data, then using it to identify trends, draw inferences, and surmise conclusions based on their analyses. In addition to increasing earning potential and creating opportunities for career advancement, graduates will learn to analyze and apply data to real-world situations and use the data to inform decision-makers within organizations.“The data analytics degree program aims to prepare our graduates with the hybridization of programming, information systems, applied statistics, management and business, data analysis, and decision support in order to formulate managerial insights and make decisions to help meet the changing landscape of 21st century big data,” said interim provost and vice president of academic affairs, Sametria McFall.Dr. McFall...