Scholars To Congress: Circumvent Filibuster, Pass Voting Rights Legislation


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(Photo: YouTube)More than 150 political science professors and scholars have issued a statement urging Congress to circumvent the filibuster and pass voting rights legislation in response to Republican attempts to restrict voter access and overturn election results they don’t like.“This is no ordinary moment in the course of our democracy,” the signees warned in a statement issued Sunday. “It is a moment of great peril and risk.”The scholars called on Congress to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, a Senate bill that would strengthen voter protections amid a conservative, antidemocratic onslaught. Republican senators blocked the Senate from even debating the bill last month. Over a dozen Republican-led state legislatures have introduced or passed measures seeking to curb voter access or investigate baseless claims of voter fraud in response to former President Donald Trump's loss to President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.