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Scottie Pippen Says Michael Jordan Was a Horrible Player Until Pippen Came to Bulls

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Prior to Scottie Pippen joining the Bulls, Michael Jordan had an impressive season with an average of 35-6-5, leading the league in scoring, steals, and minutes, while maintaining a 55% field goal percentage. It’s safe to say that if this is considered a poor performance, many players would aspire to be “terrible.” However, Pippen may harbor resentment towards Jordan’s son for being romantically involved with his ex-wife.Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan are still going strong, and it doesn’t look like they’re splitting up anytime soon, looking at how they couldn’t get over each other while on a boat trip in Miami via TMZ;Larsa and MJ were spotted cruising on a massive yacht and socializing with a handful of friends … but made sure to get some private time during the outing — which, naturally, involved a lot of PDA.The couple cozied up on a sofa as they shared a few smooches and had a passionate chat … proving their love for each other is still going strong after several months.Pippen and Jordan have ramped up their relationship after deciding to go public late last year … and seem to be damn near inseparable at this point.