Second-Class Citizens: The Myth of Racial Integration in America

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by BA 28 Views comments - (Photo/Twitter) Americans have been told that the goal of the Civil Rights Movement was integration. Nothing could be further from the truth. The goal was to eliminate legal Jim Crow “Apartheid” segregation.The famous Brown v. Board Supreme Court decision in 1954 was not about a desire to integrate. Linda Brown’s parents were upset that she was forced to go to a school that was four miles away when there was one four blocks from their home. They actually thought the segregated school she attended was great. The Black teachers nurtured and challenged their students in a way that the White teachers they would have later never did. Linda Brown later questioned her parents decision when she looked back on the passage of forty years since the court decision.“Sometimes I wonder if we really did the children and the nation a favor by taking this case to the Supreme Court. I know it was the right thing for my father and mother to do then, but after nearly 40 years we find the Court’s ruling unfulfilled.”Despite what most of us were taught in school, America handed us an empty platter labeled “integration.” This empty platter was an extension of...