Serengeti 3D brings one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders to the Biggest Screen in Chattanooga

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Chattanooga, Tenn. (TN Tribune) – Sprawling across a 30,000-square-kilometer swath of Tanzania, the Serengeti is the stuff African dreams (and no small number of films) are made of. An unspoiled wilderness roughly as large as Belgium, this astounding ecosystem is home to the who’s who of African wildlife, from Lions and African Elephants to Zebras, Hippopotamuses, and Giraffes, not to mention hundreds of birds species and countless indigenous insects. To many, though, the Serengeti is best known as the site of the “Great Migration,” a 500-mile circumnavigation of the Serengeti by roughly two million Wildebeests, the largest migration of any group of mammals on Earth. The Serengeti is considered one of Africa’s seven natural wonders for a reason, and for months during the crush of the global pandemic, a trio of filmmakers from Australia, Canada, and Switzerland basically had it to themselves. “In late 2020, at the height of global lockdowns, we were in the park for a stretch of six or seven months when there wasn’t a single tourist in the park,” says award-winning cinematographer Michael Dalton-Smith, one of the cinematographers responsible for the new giant-screen adventure, Serengeti 3D: Journey to the Heart of Africa. “This hasn’t happened since...